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How to test my translation?

Now you translated Controle de Scripts language files, you have to test your translation. Testing your translation is important to check if some correction is needed. It's also useful to check if your strings will fit in Controle de Scripts window (Script Manager) or if window size must be changed (using window.size entity, on controledescripts.dtd file).

Creating a test package

To create a test package, you need basically:

Once you have all items listed above, follow these steps:

  1. Using your compression tool, extract the XPI package files to some temporary folder;
  2. Open chrome.manifest file using your plain text editor;
  3. If there's some line referring to your language, jump to step 10; if not, follow to next step;
  4. If there isn't any line referring to your language, insert the following line to the file, replacing xx-YY with your language code:
    locale	controledescripts	xx-YY		jar:chrome/controledescripts!/locale/xx-YY/
  5. Save chrome.manifest file;
  6. Open install.js file using your plain text editor;
  7. Find the constant definition const locales = [...];;
  8. Insert your language code at the end of the list: const locales = [..., "xx-YY"]; (where xx-YY is your language code);
  9. Save install.js file;
  10. Open chrome folder;
  11. Extract controledescripts.jar package files locally;
  12. Open locale folder;
  13. Copy your translated files to the folder which name is your language code (in case there isn't such folder, create it);
  14. Back to chrome folder;
  15. Save the three folders content, locale and skin inside a ZIP package and name it controledescripts.jar (file extension must be .jar, not .zip);
  16. Back to your temporary folder root;
  17. Save all files and folders inside a ZIP package with any name you want (file extension must be .xpi);

Your test package is done! Open it with your browser to install it and test your translation.